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Shuttle service to the Sambadrome

The best way to get to the parade in complete comfort and safety is to acquire our shuttle service to the Sambadrome. After all, the traffic in Rio changes during the days of carnival, so the best idea is having a private service that takes you there. We have free transit credentials and access to the Sambadrome area, this allows us to safely leave you inside the sambadrome, closer than any other service.

How it works?

  • We have pick up in more than 120 hotels in the South Zone, Barra de Tijuca, downtown and Santa Tereza. If you are not staying at a hotel, choose from our list of hotels, the one closest to your residence.
  • We have 3 departure times to the sambadrome.
  • You will be accompanied by our team of tour guides. Our guides speak several languages ​​and will also be available at the Sambadrome offering assistance and guidance.
  • We offer return to your Hotel after the show ending of each Samba school.

Don’t waste your time, make your reservation right now !!!!

Important: To watch the Parade from the beginning, you must choose the first time to go to the sambadrome. It is not allowed to take costumes to parade.

Transportation to the Sambodromo does not work for the Sector 12 and 13 grandstands. But works for Allocated chairs in Sector 12 and 13. Passengers have to collect the credential for transportation in our store before boarding. (The transfer does not deliver the credentials, you must have them to be able to board the transfer)

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